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My work begins with photography and imagination. I make photographs that stand on their own, and also combine fragments of many different photos to create entirely new images—photographic collages. Some fragments may show just a single color or texture. A close-up of a glass bead may become the canopy of a tree; a stack of books, a building; or silk fabric, the wing of a bird. These photo fragments are the building blocks for my collages. In some collages, I place imagined images together with real images, such as a window or a cup of tea. Imaginary interiors and outdoor scenes are the subjects of many of my collages. Others are non-representational images. My roots from childhood in Brooklyn NY, my education in cultural anthropology and experiences living in Latin America, shape many of my artistic choices.

Spontaneity and experimentation along with intense focus underlie my artistic process. As I’ve developed and shared my artwork, I have come to understand the importance of connecting people through art. I’ve been able to learn through viewers’ responses how art inspires imagination, sparks curiosity, stimulates thought, opens up emotional space, and invites moments of surprise and pleasure. These are my goals as an artist.

In the deep
Winter in the Park



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