Art Gallery

My work begins with my photography and imagination. I create photographic collages to offer new visual experiences through imaginary scenes and abstract designs. For making collages, I first store photographic images in my computer “studio.” From there, I select and slice them onto my screen as raw materials from which I create my art. As I work, I often combine made-up images—of things I’ve shaped from scratch using fragments of photographs—with real life photographic images. My artwork also includes unaltered photographs. 


The subjects of my work reflect my interests, including filled interior spaces, rural and urban scenes, people in transit and at work, nature, and inorganic phenomena.


Spontaneity, mood, feelings and experimentation underlie my artistic process. As I’ve developed and shared my artwork, I have come to understand the importance of connecting people through art. I’ve been able to learn through viewers’ responses how art inspires imagination, sparks curiosity, stimulates thought, opens up emotional space, and invites moments of surprise and pleasure. These are my goals as an artist.

Photographic Collages